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Real New York TV Magazine
Real New York TV Magazine We all know New York City, home of the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Yankees...

What about male prostitution, voodoo cults, S & M clubs and black racial separatist groups? Exciting, informative, and always irreverent, REAL NEW YORK television magazine investigates the New York that tourists don't get to see.

If you thought you know New York City, you've got another thing coming…

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HATE: 13x52’
Inside the Criminal Mind with Dr. Robi Ludwig 10X47’
Inside Hezbollah
Voices In The Tunnels: In Search of the Mole People

Voices In The Tunnels: In Search of the Mole PeopleEver wondered whether the stories told about the Mole People living in abandoned subway tunnels beneath New York City are actually true? Are there ashen skinned Morlocks with webbed feet and glowing red eyes? This urban legend has been sensationalized in the press, movies and television, but reality can be more sensational than the tales.

In 1993, Columbia University student Jennifer Toth discovered the tunnel communities. After revealing their truth in her book "The Mole People", Jennifer's life was threatened which forced her to flee New York.

In 1999, a group of intrepid filmmakers picked up where she left off...

After two years spent underground searching for the elusive tunnel dwellers, the myth is finally revealed.

It might sound like brooding science fiction, but in fact it's the darkest of realities.

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