About 7NY
7NY is a rapidly growing production house. It was founded in 1997 with the production of ‘Real New York TV Magazine’ for the European markets, which was created to uncover the most provocative aspects of the city’s underbelly. As the production house has grown, 7NY has begun to produce specials not related to the television magazine. The first recognition of 7NY worldwide came with ‘In Search of the Mole People’, a full length investigative documentary on the secret society living in the subway tunnels beneath New York City. This unique film became a Telly Award recipient as well as being nominated in the 43rd New York Festivals. In 2007, drastically re-cut and with added footage, this documentary was re-released under new title ‘Voices in the Tunnels’.

In January of 2005 7NY released a new political documentary ‘˝ the Nation’ at the Berlin Film Festival. The film is set on the front lines of the new American political culture wars. The outcome of the 2004 U.S. election has drawn a distinct line down the middle of the country. This chasm is between right and left, progressive and conservative, rich and poor, religious and secular, Democrat and Republican. Designed to bridge the widening communication gap, ‘˝ The Nation’ allows both sides more than a fleeting glimpse of one another. In late 2005 the film was selected as a finalist at the Eureka International Film Festival in New York City.

7NY continues to expand and work on new productions. ‘Hate’ is a documentary series which explores racial, religious, cultural and ethnic intolerance around the world. The pilot episode ‘Heil Russia’ delves into the rise of fascism and nationalism in post-communist Russia. Further episodes include hate groups in Yugoslavia, Indonesia, South Africa, Austria, India, Germany, The United States and other territories.

Another developing project is ‘Morals, Values and the American Way’. The film, hosted by a famous political prankster, Vermin Supreme, explores the role of the Religious Right in the American political process.

Continually bringing fresh ideas and creativity to program directors’ tables, 7NY has proven itself in the swiftly changing market of non-fiction programming.

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